Uttarakhand Travel Tourism Guide

Uttarakhand has located in the lower regions of the Himalayan mountain ranges. To travel Uttarakhand , it is one of India's driving vacationer locations, with charming scenes, wonderful urban communities, and various journey locales. Uttarakhand has vacationers coming all during that time from across India and all edges of the globe.

Uttarakhand has a variety of travel tourism and adventure activities. Pilgrimage, temples, wildlife trips, bird watching, rafting, mountaineering, ice skating, trekking, camping, yoga and meditation, and much more are all available.

In the state, Uttarakhand, notable as the "Place of the Gods," has the most hallowed the Char Dhams - Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. The state is the starting place of the nation's most consecrated and well-known waterways, Ganga and Yamuna.

All of northern India's famous hill stations, such as Chamoli, Mussoorie, Nainital, and Uttarkashi, are located in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand's deep wildernesses make it a suitable location for 12 Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks.

Apart from the beautiful views of travelling Uttarakhand from the mountains and remote regions, the state provides a variety of adventure sports such as trekking, climbing, and water boating.

Tourists are absolutely safe to Travel Uttarkhand, as there are extensive security and preventive measures in place all over the state.

Travelling Uttarakhand is consistently a protected spot to go in all seasons aside from the Monsoon season. The misty slopes are an exciting experience; however, attempt to be nearby Dehradun and Haldwani, assuming you need to be protected.

The rainstorm season brings a ton of blaze floods and avalanches in the upper districts. A portion of the spots stays cut-off until the public authority reestablishes supplies and patches the streets. The lower urban areas are protected and are a paradise for vacationers in all seasons.

Severe directions gave to the cops posted on the line check-posts for appropriate checking and keeping the full details of individuals coming from different states to travel Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand, where there is imminent and ethereal normal magnificence intertwined with peaceful spirituality, is India's don't-miss-at any point state. A short trip, only for once, will make your retreat in its breadth with each Getaway.


How to Travel Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand Travel Guidelines

There are direct flights to travel Uttarakhand: visitors should fly to Dehradun Airport or can land to Delhi Airport and catch a domestic vehicles like train/bus/car for internal traveling.

The state of Uttarakhand has discharged new travel rules considering the continuous circumstance of the Covid-19 pandemic. While the Government lifted the more significant part of the movement limitations in a few stages post Covid-19 lockdown, the second flood of Covid in Uttarakhand has made the Government reexamine travel rules.

Required to borrowCOVID-19 vaccinated certificate appearance in the state for individuals heading out to any remaining states.

Flight departures from Dehradun

Air India, SpiceJet, IndiGo, Vistara Airline and Alliance Air

By Bus

A bus journey in Uttarakhand is one of the most amazing and wonderful experiences that a person can have. The natural beauty of the state, combined with its ever-changing terrain, makes for an unforgettable ride.

Via Car

To travel uttarakhand through a vehicle with a driver as the ideal way of seeing the country. It's less expensive than recruiting a self-drive car, and the drivers ordinarily orchestrate their convenience and food.

Via Train

Uttarakhand has excellent rail joins with Delhi and somewhere else in India - See Indian Rail for plans.

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Uttarakhand Places to Visit

Mountains, fog, and great individuals, definitely are the primary things that ring a bell when you contemplate a getaway in the supernatural Uttarkhand. There are many beautiful Places to Visit in Uttarakhand which will undoubtedly lift your faculties and see nature in its most flawless structure. It gloats of the absolute most visited traveler places in the laps of grand Himalayas. Offering plenty of choices for drawing nearer to nature, this spot never disappoints voyagers from all age gatherings.

Here are the places to visit in Uttarakhand

  • Mussoorie - The curious mountain escape
  • Nainital - Just unwind by the lake, one of the most famous spots to visit in Uttarakhand
  • Haridwar - The area that is known for divine beings
  • Rishikesh - Yoga and Rafting!
  • Gangotri - Mouth of the heavenly Ganges
  • Ranikhet - Meadows, and Hills
  • Dhanaulti - Camping, and experience
  • Kausani - Serene slope station with great perspectives
  • Mukteshwar - An undertaking escape
  • Badrinath - Holy hallowed place of Lord Vishnu
  • Valley of Flowers - A visual blowout for verdure sweethearts


  • The UTDB will ensure that diverse service providers in the state provide smooth and regulated tourist facilities.
  • To produce and develop one-of-a-kind tourism goods that provide an unrivalled experience for a variety of tourist segments.
  • To promote Uttarakhand as a safe and welcoming tourism destination.


  • Raise public understanding of the importance and value of travel and tourism.
  • Make the most of the huge potential for tourism development in Uttarakhand.
  • Identify present tourism infrastructure deficiencies and design development plans.

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